Property Extensions in Chesterfield from Professional New House Builders

Need some more space in your Chesterfield home? Fear not, JBW Construction Services Ltd is here to fix that. Our team of new house builders constructs various property extensions, helping you get the most out of your property. From single-storey rear extensions to wraparound house extensions, we work on a range of projects that allow our customers to feel more comfortable in their own homes.

We also offer related services in garage conversions and barn conversions. View our gallery page to see examples of our previous work. You are also welcome to call us on 07891 214075 to ask any questions.

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Our Range of Home Extensions

With 40 years of combined experience, our new house builders are well-versed in various types of home extensions. This includes:

  • Single-storey Rear Extensions

  • Two-story House Extensions

  • Wraparound Extensions

  • Utility Extensions

  • Garage Conversions

  • Loft Conversions

  • Basement Conversions

When we take on your extension project in the Chesterfield area, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands. From initial consultation, we listen attentively to your design and budget needs and create a finished extension that meets your expectations.

Extension Services and Equipment

The team at JBW Construction Services completes various tasks as part of bringing our property extensions to life. Here is a list of what we can do for your extension project:

  • Design and Planning Services

  • Architectural Design

  • Planning Permission Applications

  • Demolition and Site Preparation

  • Structural Assessment and Structural Work

  • Electrical and Plumbing Systems

  • Window and Door Installation

  • Ventilation

  • Insulation

  • Foundation and Framing

  • Staircase Installation

  • Interior and Exterior Finishing

Our new house builders in Chesterfield are well-equipped with access to the materials, tools and equipment they need for all property extensions. Our building contractors are experienced and trained in working with all of the following tools and equipment:

  • Demolition Tools (Sledgehammers, Reciprocating Saws, Crowbars, Circular Saws)

  • Framing Tools (Hammers, Nail Guns, Framing Squares, Spirit Levels, Plumb Bobs, Chop Saws)

  • Concrete and Masonry Tools (Concrete Saws, Concrete Mixers, Trowels, Masonry Drills)

  • Roofing Tools (Roofing Nailers, Shingle Removers, Roofing Hammers)

  • Electrical Tools (Voltage Testers, Wire Strippers, Drills, Screwdrivers)

  • Plumbing Tools (Pipe Wrenches, Plungers, Plumbing Pipe Cutters)

  • Insulation Tools (Utility Knives, Staple Guns, Calking Guns)

  • Drywall Tools (Drywall T-Squares, Drywall Saws, Drywall Screw Guns)

  • Flooring Tools (Flooring Cutters, Flooring Nailers, Spirit Levels)

  • Painting and Finishing Tools (Paintbrushes, Rollers, Painter’s Tape, Putty Knives, Sanding Blocks)

  • Carpentry and Woodworking Tools (Table Saws, Routers, Chisels, Wood Planes)

  • Safety Equipment (Safety Glasses, Gloves, Ear Protectors, Dust Masks/Respirators)

  • General Construction Tools (Tape Measures, Utility Knives, Ladders, Workbenches)

With our wide-reaching skill set, extensive experience and range of equipment, JBW Construction Services Ltd is an excellent choice for any property extensions you may have in mind.

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